• Turkeys were native in Central America.
  • Columbus and his fellows discovered this tasty kind of meat from native people.
  • Then, turkeys were spread to North America, the Caribbean, Spain, and France, which they were imported by ships.
  • Turkeys also represented the help from Native Americans to the early settlers in America from starvation, which became a Thanksgiving Day later.
  • After turkeys became popular, England restricted by law in 1541 that turkeys must be served only one per feast.
  • Although, turkeys were originated in Turkey too, as their name, they were imported mainly from America.
  • The raised pie was a popular way to cook turkeys.
  • However, at that time, turkeys were still not the main dish for dinner, as rich people could choose other kind of meats instead.
  • After Cold War and the Depression, each house meals became smaller and had only one meaty roast, that made turkeys were apparently popular again.

Though turkeys might not be some people’s favorite meats, they still have dominated Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners until nowadays.

Reference :  https://www.bbc.com/ideas/videos/why-we-eat-turkey-at-christmas/p06tvp9w?playlist=edible-histories

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