1. Inappropriate behaviors and sexual harassment toward female drivers
  2. No real and active solution from the companies
  3. Do people need to learn more on how to respect others?

The disrespect always creates so many negative outcomes and problems. In this case, the disrespectful behaviors of the passengers can make so much fears and oppressiveness toward those female drivers.

As it was reported, there are many female drivers who have faced with loads of frightening passengers, like who tried to show his penis or even do stalking from ‘lost and found service’ of the companies’ application. These issues really affect the female drivers’ safety so badly. Likewise, most of the time, the companies can’t help solving anything, because of the privacy rule.

— “Hey Jane, I didn’t really lose anything in your car – I just wanted your number. Attached was a video (of his penis).” —

Right now, those female drivers have to create their own private group on Facebook, in order to exchange each other advice and suggestion on dealing with all inappropriate behaviors and harassment.

How about the real and active solution from the companies?

Is it time for them to make the policy that helps all drivers to work safely?

Lastly, what is actually a problem of this issue?

Do women need to stop doing these kind of careers OR should those men be more respectful?

Reference : https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-46990533?fbclid=IwAR0HdvxYsUaNjBr56-IrTEpNb3oCJE_2FYO8XUclhy53tRhlx1W05zYmyUE

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