1. The background of the popular brand, Vaseline.

2. Noticing, learning, and doing several experiment were the important factors in making this product.

3. Let’s learn from this successful business!

If we talk about a petroleum jelly, the first brand that is going to pop up in everyone’s head is “Vaseline”.

Let’s read the pathway of Vaseline in how it becoming popular ‘for over a century’ like in nowadays.

The name of Vaseline has been used as a brand of a petroleum jelly for nearly 150 years. People have used Vaseline for cuts, burns, and especially for dry skin.

The first person who created this million dollar idea was Robert Chesebrough in Pennsylvania. As he went to the oilfield in Pennsylvania in 1859, he saw the workers in oilfield used a substance on the drilling pipes to apply on their skins in order to heal the skin injuries.

Then, he noticed and learned to make a refined version of it. ‘Vaseline’ came from the German word, wasser, and Greek, elaion.

After showing his product in all over New York city, Vaseline became very famous, even ‘Queen Victoria’ used it, which made Robert turned into a knighthood!


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